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Work Permit In United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a strong economy among European nations. Its capital, London, has headquarters of many companies, organisations and corporate chains, hospitality industry and so on.

  • Which material types can you work with?
  • Can I have multiple in a single feature?
  • Is Smart Lock required for instant apps?
  • Which material types can you work with?
  • Can I have multiple in a single feature?
  • Is Smart Lock required for instant apps?

Other important cities in the UK like Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh, Swansea, Glasgow and so on also contribute to the country’s economy and provide job opportunities to several skilled workers and immigrants, particularly in the hospitality industry.

UK Work Permit

Owing to the growing numbers of vacancies of restaurant managers and chefs, the UK work permit, Middle East is a great platform to secure work opportunities and build bright careers in the United Kingdom.

UK work permit visa
Job opportunities in the United Kingdom are on rising due to the expansion of business, hospitality, and service sectors. People from different backgrounds and nationalities would like to experience various dishes and cuisine from across the world. This gives rise to many job opportunities for restaurant managers and chefs in the UK. Employers also search for the right and ideal candidates for vacancies in the hospitality industry. The requirement of efficient manpower is fulfilled by securing the UK work visa.

"Interestingly, it has been observed that employers are keen to hire applicants since they have international exposure and experience in relevant industry. Therefore, the UK work permit visa provide an excellent platform to trained youth, professionals and skilled workers to grab work opportunities in the United Kingdom after meeting all eligibility criteria."

What is UK Work Permit Visa?

In order to have efficient manpower, the UK welcomes skilled workers, professionals, and trained youth to work in the United Kingdom under the Tier 2 visa program or point-based skilled worker visa program.

"Interested candidates can apply for the UK work permit visa to work and stay in the United Kingdom. Under the skilled worker visa program, skilled workers and professionals, who are working in domains and skilled industries that are listed on the Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List, can easily get an opportunity to secure work permit. Some of the major industries and professions on this list are healthcare, Information and Technology, finance, administration, teaching, hospitality, engineering and so on."

The shortage of skilled manpower in the hospitality industry in the UK makes employers look for the right and ideal candidates from countries.

What are UK Work Permit Visa Requirements?

Interested applicants looking forward to securing a skilled worker visa program should have a valid job offer from a Home Office Licensed Sponsor. It is important to note that eligible applicants must meet criteria for skill or trade or occupation and proficiency in the English language.

"The applicant must get the minimum salary threshold of £25,600 or more through the valid job offer."

Applicants for positions of restaurant managers and chefs must meet the below-mentioned eligibility criteria –

  • Education – Class 12 (minimum)
  • A valid Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer holding a valid Sponsor License
  • Language proficiency skills (IELTS – 5 bands in each module or section)
  • Prior work experience of 8-10 years in related field (hospitality industry)
  • Security clearance certificate
  • Sufficient funds

"Under the point based system of skilled worker visa program, applicants are allocated points for education, work experience, certificate of sponsorship and language proficiency categories. In order to receive maximum points, applicants should have excellent academic records, good score in IELTS (language proficiency test) and relevant work experience of 8-10 years. Applicants must score a minimum of 70 points to qualify for immigration."

The skilled worker visa program allows trained youth, skilled workers, and young professionals to build successful careers and bright futures in the United Kingdom. It is important to note that the UK skilled worker visa program allows applicants to work and stay in the country for the duration of five years. Further, the duration of the visa can be extended if applicants are able to find either a new work opportunity or an employer in the United Kingdom.

In order to save time, money, energy, and resources, interested applicants must seek guidance from the UK work permit visa consultant so that they clearly understand the requirements and processes.

What Are the Benefits of the UK Work Permit Visa?

  • Get valid job offers
  • Get a chance to work in a developed economy
  • Get salary in foreign currency
  • Enhances career prospects
  • Many opportunities for getting professional training while doing jobs
  • Offers quality life
  • Provides a chance to work with established brands
  • Provides a safe and secure environment
  • Provides employment benefits to employees
  • Has strict work policies to be followed by employers
  • Promotes quality work culture
  • After five years, applicants also get a chance to apply for permanent residency in the United Kingdom (also called ‘indefinite leave to remain’). This allows applicants to work, study and live in the country if they are willing, and avail social, educational, healthcare, and welfare benefits provided by the government.

What is the Processing Time for the UK Work Permit Visa?

Experts suggest applicants submit visa applications three months before they start working in the United Kingdom. The joining date at the workplace in the UK will be mentioned in the certificate of sponsorship that applicants receive from the UK employer.

"It has been noticed that applications are processed within three weeks of filing or submission, if all relevant documents are attached with the application. Also, the UK government constantly update and include more skilled occupations in the Shortage Occupation List depending on the requirement of manpower in the country. Hence, the processing time of applications is expected to be reduced for priority occupations as these applications are kept on fast track mode."

What are Popular Industries in the UK?

Interested applicants must learn about some of the top and popular industries in the United Kingdom. It will help them understand the demands of manpower, industry requirements, and employment trends. Some of the popular industries in the UK are –

  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Oil and gas
  • Construction Industry
  • Education and training
  • Wholesale and Retail Industry
  • Transportation and Logistics Industry
  • Manufacturing industry

"These industries in the United Kingdom play a major role in overall development as well as contribute a lot the nation’s economy. These industries and sectors also generate ample job opportunities every year."

Which Documents are Required for the UK Work Permit Visa?

The skilled worker visa program must have the below-mentioned documents –

  • Valid Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer
  • Salary and details of job responsibilities
  • Current passport and travel history
  • Proof of age
  • Educational certificates
  • Relevant work experience
  • Language proficiency score
  • Security clearance certificate
  • Proof of enough funds

Applicants must apply for the skilled worker dependent visa in case of spouse and children accompanying the primary applicant.

The main applicant must submit the following documents to secure a skilled worker dependent visa:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of age (birth certificate) for children under the age of 18 at the time of application

"It is important to note that skilled worker dependents do not get access to any public or welfare funds. Similarly, the primary applicants do not have access to welfare funds or pension schemes."

What is the Application Process for the UK Work Permit?

Experts suggest that interested applicants can apply for a work permit visa three months before the day of joining the workplace in the UK. The date of visa application will be included on the certificate of sponsorship. Applicants must submit relevant documents to support visa applications such as proof of identity, education, work experience, language proficiency, skill training, etc.

"If applicants meet all eligibility criteria, they get a response on visa applications within three weeks, if they are outside the UK and eight weeks if they are already in the United Kingdom."

Also, skilled worker dependent visa applications can be submitted along with the skilled worker visa application of the primary applicant. The skilled worker dependents are allowed to work after meeting certain terms and conditions. They can also study or pursue postgraduate academic courses after meeting eligibility criteria.

How Does UK Work Visa Consultant Support Applicants?

A reliable UK work visa consultant can guide applicants from step one of their journey of migrating to the UK till the end. Some major tasks that are handled by work permit visa consultants are –

  • Assessment of applications
  • Cross-check immigration documents checklist
  • Processing of application
  • Submission of application forms along with relevant documents
  • Co-ordination and follow up with concerned departments and authorities
  • Support in settling down in the foreign country

"Finding job opportunity abroad is a difficult task. It requires correct information, evaluation of application, selection of right immigration pathway as per career aspirations of applicants, documentation, co-ordination and so on. In order to get work permit for the UK , experts suggest to follow guidance of trustworthy immigration consultant such as Beabroad Immigration Services. The consultant explains the requirements as well as regular updates and trends in the UK work permit to applicants so that they are able to make informed decisions. The consultant offers best guidance and services to individual applicants in order to help them achieving their dreams of migrating to the United Kingdom. Contact us NOW!"

How much is UK Visa fee?
The UK Visa fee will vary depending on the Visa category that you have applied for. The UK Visa fees have increased from 18th March 2019. It includes a 2% increase for Study Visa, Work Visa, and Short-term Visitor Visa applications. Apart from this, there is also a 25% hike in the fee for Nationality and Settlement Visa applications.
How long does it take to get a UK Visa?
99% of the normal UK Visa applications are adjudicated within ten working days. The maximum time will be 15 working days.

Priority UK Visa applications are adjudicated within 3 to 5 working days. The Super Priority applications are adjudicated within 24 hours.
What are the documents required for a UK Visa?
The documents required for a UK Visa are as follows:

A valid passport that has a page blank on twin sides

The completed form for Visa application

1 Passport size photograph as per the specifications

Visa fee

Evidence of finances like original bank statements not earlier than 3 months

The confirmation of flight bookings and accommodation

An invitation letter if you are being sponsored by a family member or a friend

Original marriage certificate if you are being accompanied by your spouse

Birth certificates of your kids if they are accompanying you

Latest utility bills

You may also have to include the following if you are travelling for business:

A letter of confirmation of conference/ confirmation of training/ invitation

Complete details of an approved representative in your firm along with their contact details
How can I immigrate to the UK?
If you are a non-EU citizen it is advisable that you seek legal advice from UK Immigration Experts as your immigration can be slightly complex. There are diverse pathways for non-EU nationals to immigrate to the UK:

Tier 1 Visa for highly skilled immigrants through a points-based system

Tier 2 Visa

Skilled worker visa for individuals who are sponsored by an employer in the UK

Tier 5 Provisional Work Visa through the Youth Mobility Scheme
How can I apply for UK immigration?
You must go through the below process for applying for a UK Visa:

Find out if you need the UK Visa

Select the appropriate type of Visa

Complete the Visa application form online

Gather the required documents for the UK Visa application

Schedule an interview appointment for the Visa

Attend the interview for the UK Visa
What are the eligibility requirements to migrate to the UK?
Applicant must be of 18 years and above

He must meet the English language requirements

Have proof that applicant has enough finances to support his initial days of stay in the country.
Is the UK accepting immigration applications?
Yes, the UK is accepting online applications from immigration candidates.
Is the UK Skill Assessment body conducting assessments?
Yes, the UK's skill assessment body, UK NARIC which is the United Kingdom’s national agency for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills from visa applicants who wish to study or work in the UK. UK NARIC is accepting applications for assessment from visa applicants but in the online form. The assessment report will also be sent online.
What is the UK Skilled Worker visa?
A UK Skilled Worker visa – formerly the Tier 2 [General] work visa for the UK – allows an individual to come to or stay in the UK for working for a UK employer approved by the Home Office.
I am already in the UK. Can I switch to the Skilled Worker visa?
An individual might be able to apply for switching or converting to a Skilled Worker visa if they are already in the UK on a different UK visa. In order to switch, their job must meet the eligibility requirements for the Skilled Worker visa and they must also be able to speak, read, write and understand the English language.

Certain categories of individuals – such as those in UK on a visit visa, short-term student visa etc. – cannot apply for a switch to the Skilled Worker visa.
How do I know if my job is eligible for the Skilled Worker visa?
To establish eligibility, your job’s 4-digit occupation code will be required. Do keep in mind that the job description should be a precise match. Similar jobs might have different codes.
What is meant by a "shortage occupation"?
By a "shortage occupation" is meant a skilled job in the UK wherein there is a shortage of workers.
What if my job is on the Shortage Occupation List for the UK?
If an individual has a job on the Shortage Occupation List [SOL], they can be paid 80% of the usual going rate for their job in order to be eligible for the UK Skilled Worker visa.
Is IELTS mandatory?
IELTS is not mandatory. For visa or citizenship applications for the UK, you might be required to prove a knowledge of the English language by passing a secure English language test [SELT]. There are 2 different types of tests as different UK immigration routes involve a different level of English language ability. The level of test needed – referred to as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages [CEFR] – will be as per the immigration route applying for.

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