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Why Study in Singapore?

Singapore is a fantastic education hub that offers students an international outlook and a wide range of options.

The tuition and tutor fees are affordable, and the cost of living is significantly low compared to other countries. Singapore has excellent connections with the sea, Air, and telecommunications to every part of the world. Moreover, it's a very safe place to live and study in.

Singapore is quite close to India and encourages the students to go to their country for an academic break.

What type of visa do you need?

Singapore has only one study visa that is the student pass. This pass is acceptable in all 34 IHL's in Singapore that accepts international students. But, there are also variants of passes. Based on the duration, you can opt for long term pass and short term pass. Your student pass typically includes details of the course you take up. Singapore has a wide range of classes too.

Singapore government rules

Suppose you're 19 years and below at the time of application, and you desire to opt for a full-time course at an approved Private Education Organization. In that case, your process will be processed by the Singapore Immigration and checkpoints Authority directly.
If you're above 19 years at the time of application and you wish to attend a language, commercial, vocational or fine
arts non-graduate/ post-graduate degree course an interview may be required by the embassy.

What are Singapore's work permit criteria?

When it comes to Singapore, there's nothing such as a work visa. The authorities issue something called the work pass which lets foreigners take up permanent or temporary jobs in the country.

As per the protocols, the employer who engages foreign workers in Singapore needs to provide them with a salary for their service, maintain security relations as well as provide them with health insurance.

What are the requirements for Singapore work Visa?

These are the following requirements that every foreigner had to fulfill :

  • The person has to hold a valid passport
  • He/ she must be atleast be 18 years of age.
  • The person can only work within the scope of work mentioned in the work permits issued by the higher authorities.

What are the benefits of a Singapore work permit Visa?

The Singapore work permit visa allows you to live and work in Singapore and also lets you roam around Singapore freely. It also allows you to travel outside the country without having to apply for an entry visa. The visa is valid for 1-2 years and can be renewed later. With an employment pass, it gets easier to apply for a permanent residence in Singapore

What is Singapore's work permit processing time?

In Singapore, the processing time is usually three weeks to eight weeks for manual applications. The country offers options on the work permit and those who want to work here can choose the most appropriate one.

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