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How to apply for a Working Visa in the USA?

The USA has the top business firms in the world, most technologically powerful economy in the world, and is known for leading the world in internet innovations, movies and entertainment, biotech, and several other technological fields.

"Disclaimer – Visas Avenue does not provide any guidance or assistance on USA employment/work visa. This page is only for information purpose. Visa Avenue provide documentation assistance related to the different government program

With a strong economy, high GDP, diverse communities, and alluring landscape, the United States attracts millions of migrants every year. The world’s top business firms in the USA employ thousands of talented immigrants who look for better employment opportunities and quality of life.

What makes America a favorite Immigration destination for migrants?

  • The USA every year welcomes artists, researchers, IT specialists, scientists, athletes, nurses, agricultural workers, and others.
  • The USA offers scope and opportunities for career growth and employment for the talented and skilled migrants of every class, category, or community from overseas.
  • The US has the top business firms in the world especially in computers and in medical, aerospace, and military types of equipment
  • The US has one of the most technologically powerful economies in the world
  • The high living standard and quality of life in the USA is one thing that attracts millions of immigrants to this part of the world.
  • The USA leads the world in Internet innovations, movies & Entertainment, biotech, and several other technical fields that require inventive thinking.
  • America is home to many internationally recognized brands and industries, i.e. Apple, Microsoft, DreamWorks Studios, Amazon, Zynga, which are the world leaders in their respective domains.

What are the visa options and categories for foreign workers?

Foreign workers require a Visa to enter and work temporarily in the USA which gives them the permission and authorization to work. Foreign workers with a temporary offer to work in the US may be able to apply for a temporary non-immigrant work visa, while those with a permanent offer to work in the US may be able to apply for a Green Card.

There are various types of working Visas which are immigrant and non-immigrant in nature, including:

  • EB1 Green Card
  • EB2 Green Card
  • EB3 Green Card
  • EB4 Green Card
  • EB5 Green Card
  • H1B Visa
  • L1 Visa
  • H2A Work Visa
  • H2B Work Visa
  • O1 Work Visa
  • E3 Work Visa
  • H1B1 Chile Work Visa
  • H1B1 Singapore Work Visa
  • R1 Work Visa
  • TN Work Visa
  • P2 Work Visa
  • P3 Work Visa
  • P1 Work Visa
  • Q1 Work Visa

How can we help you with the immigration process?


We at Visas Avenue take care of all your needs starting from selecting the best visa to suit your need, expert advice on getting a visa, professional documentation, and pre-departure guidance. To discuss your eligibility with our team of immigration specialists, click on free assessment. Our team of Immigration Specialists will assess your profile details and subsequently will contact you with expert advice as to which Visa Category you must choose and how to file the most accurate visa application to enhance the chances of first-time approval.

How can I immigrate to the USA from India?
Generally, an individual must have a petition approved by the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) for immigrating to the US. This is the prerequisite for applying for a Non-immigrant Visa. The petition is submitted either by a potential employer or a qualified relative at the office of the USCIS in the US.
What are the types of US Visas?
The US Visas have around 185 categories. The 2 main categories are:

Non-immigrant Visa:
It is for provisional visits like studying, visiting family, work, business, or tourism.

Immigrant Visa:
It is for individuals to immigrate to the US. This US Visa holder is processed for I-551 or Permanent Resident Card also known as the Green Card at the port of entry. It serves as a san provisional I-551 as evidence for Permanent Residence for 1 year upon being endorsed through a CBP admission stamp.

A child with IH-3 or IR-3 Visa will become a US citizen automatically upon admission to the US. The N-560 or Citizenship Certificate will then be processed for the child.
What are the documents required for a US Visa interview?
The compulsory documents necessary for US Visitor Visa are:

An original passport that is valid for minimum 6 months after the anticipated entrance date in the US
All previous passports
1 photograph as per specification with both hard copy and digital copy
US Visa application DS160 verification page stamped at the VAC – Visa Application Center
Proof of payment of a fee
The hard copy of the appointment letter of the US Visa interview
The Supporting documents required for US Visitor Visa are:

The intention of the supporting documents is to confirm –

Crime record if any
Monetary affordability
Intention to go back to the home nation
Supporting documents that sustain the above will facilitate a positive outcome in the Visa interview.
How long does it take to get a US Visa?
The exact processing time for a US Visa from India varies. The time and processing timings are just an approximation and can change at any time. The processing times cannot be assured and nonrefundable reservations or tickets should not be purchased. This is until you secure all Visas and Passports are obtained and are in your possession.

General Processing Times

If you make an in-person application, the processing times will be around 3 to 5 working days.

For people of Indian origin, US nationals requiring a reference, all non-US nationals and for short-term visas, the processing times are a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks. It can take more in some cases.

The processing time for reference checks is a minimum of 1 week for all cases that require a prior reference check.

The mailing and transit time for both ways must be added when you apply by mail such as courier, post, etc.

Crew members and Pilots of all Trainers, Demonstration, Cargo, Private jets, and Chartered Flights are in the category of Unscheduled Airlines. These are considered as Reference cases and will need prior clearance from competent Indian authorities. It takes around 5 weeks for such an application and Visa will not be issued without the mandatory clearance.

Each immigrant Visa case is unique and thus it is tough to predict the processing times for the Visa application of a specific individual. There are 3 factors that generally influence the required processing times:

The time needed for processing the application

The time needed for processing through the Consulate and the National Visa Center

Time needed for the case to become current
How can I go to the USA from India?
The applicants of a US Non-immigrant Visa in India must follow the below procedure:

Have a digital photograph in JPEG format along with one hard copy

Fill the application form DS-160 and upload your digital photograph. Then take a printout of the DS-160 confirmation page having CEAC barcode.

Create a profile and complete steps 1 to 10 of the schedule an appointment till the time you see the payment confirmation on your screen

The application fee must be paid at any one of the branches of the banks that are designated or through other options for payment

The majority of the applicants will have to schedule 2 appointments – one for a Consular interview and the other for OFC (photo, fingerprints)

Visit the OFC location on the day of your OFC appointment to get your biometric details like photographs and fingerprints collected

Report minimum 15 minutes earlier of the scheduled time for an appointment at the US Consulate or Embassy where your Visa interview appointment is scheduled

If you are offered a US Visa, your passport will be returned through courier to the Visa/Passport collection location that you have specified while taking an appointment. It can be delivered later at any time prior to the interview day.

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